Look under the hood of a running .NET application
with Runtime Flow

Runtime Flow in real time monitors and logs function calls and function parameters in a running .NET application and shows a stack trace tree, with no instrumentation or source code required for monitoring:

The original purpose of the tool was to help me understand code flow in a large inherited codebase I needed to support. Runtime Flow became a huge time saver in locating the offending method after receiving a bug report.

Nowadays as I write Visual Studio extensions, Runtime Flow helps me to track internal workings of Visual Studio. With hundreds of modules of a closed source product, I still can locate core functionality in reasonable time and then run dotPeek for specific class and method:

Runtime summary

When troubleshooting, Runtime Flow mostly eliminates the need to manually add logging information. And usually faster than stepping in a debugger to check control flow or a function return value. With Runtime Flow it is also easy to find the last method called before a stack overflow, an access violation or an unhandled exception.

Runtime Flow integrates with Visual Studio to provide easy navigation from a method name to the source file, preselect projects for monitoring and keep solution specific options:

Runtime Flow in VS 2019

There is also a Runtime Flow Portable edition that runs without Visual Studio and without installation. Suitable for monitoring in a virtual machine or in a production environment.

Runtime Flow can monitor almost any .NET process and can be configured to support .NET Core, ASP.NET and web applications in IIS.

You can monitor all execution including system and standard .NET libraries or you can flexibly select what method calls you want to monitor specifying assembly, class and function names:

Monitoring filter options

Runtime Flow provides an API with real time access to function calls and stored session data. One example is to show a class relationship diagram based on actual program behavior:

Class relationship diagram

You can test drive Runtime Flow for 30 days. After that period a personal license costs $99. Download Runtime Flow from the official site or Visual Studio Marketplace.