About Vlasov Studio

Sergey Vlasov

Vlasov Studio is a micro ISV founded by Sergey Vlasov making innovative tools for Windows and .NET software developers. The first product (Regent - regex maker) was released in 2008, as of today 16 distinct commercial and free tools are available. As most Windows software is developed in Visual Studio, seamless integration of our products with Visual Studio is the important requirement. Our products support Visual Studio 2010 - 2022, SQL Server Management Studio and Excel. Since 2012 Vlasov Studio is a Visual Studio Industry Partner.

About Sergey Vlasov

I'm the founder and owner of Vlasov Studio. I have 20+ years professional experience developing Windows software. I'm a big fan of C++, .NET, WPF, Design by Contract, Test Driven Development, Extreme Programming and security. I live in Chelyabinsk, Russia (+5 GMT). I speak Russian and English. You can contact me via email SergeyVlasov@vlasovstudio.com and by phone +7 963 0758380.

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Custom software development

If you want an idea implemented or need to update an existing solution - hire me.

You don't have to pay any money until you are satisfied with my work.


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