Sergey Vlasov

Sergey Vlasov

Russia, Chelyabinsk (+5 GMT)
+7 963 0758380


With extensive experience in agile software development principles and C++/C# programming techniques I seek a remote developer position producing quality software.

Professional Experience

I have 20+ years professional experience developing Windows software. I'm a big fan of C++, .NET, WPF, Design by Contract, Test Driven Development, Extreme Programming and security.

Aspose, July 2021 - Present, Product lead for Aspose.Drawing

Aspose.Drawing for .NET - planned and prioritized feature development, helped internal Aspose teams in migration from legacy Microsoft System.Drawing to cross-platform Aspose.Drawing, maintained public and internal product documentation, released public and internal builds, developed procedures to identify product issues in complex integration tests, tested and fixed compatibility issues with .NET 5+, implemented font fallback, improved image loading/saving and processing performance.

Aspose, January 2020 - June 2021, Senior C# developer

Aspose.Drawing for .NET - improved text rendering quality and performance, created a performance testing suite, audited licensing code, implemented drawing and image processing functionality, created a Visual Studio file generator to reduce code duplication, ported C++ drawing algorithms to C#, promoted the product.

Vlasov Studio, May 2008 - Present, Senior C#/C++ developer

Designed and implemented multiple Visual Studio extensions in C++ and C#. Created custom msi/vsix installers. Developed a licensing system to generate and verify product keys.

Tabs Studio is a Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio extension that organizes document tabs.

Runtime Flow in real time monitors and logs function calls and function parameters in a running .NET application and shows a stack trace tree, without manual instrumentation and access to source code.

HTML 11 shows preview of static and dynamic web pages you are currently editing in Visual Studio, on desktop and mobile devices.

Visual Commander automates repetitive tasks in Visual Studio. Allows to create new commands and extensions in C# or VB with full access to the VS automation model and .NET framework.

ESharper lets you interactively write lightweight user defined functions and commands in Excel using C#.

Task Canvas lets you work with multiple code fragments at once without switching tabs.

Visual Time Spent automatically tracks time spent working on solutions, projects and documents in Visual Studio.

Regent creates a search and replace regular expression from a single example to update all similar text fragments at once.

KCommands provides a keyboard accessible command line for Visual Studio to quickly find and replace text similar to SlickEdit and Vim.

Applied Technologies, October 2005 - May 2013, Senior C++ developer

Developed principal functionality for a password management application using MS Visual C++. Extended a personal data encryption application.

Supported an enterprise mail management system that prevents unauthorized mail access.

Supported an enterprise business intelligence product.

Mechel, June 2004 - August 2005, Information security administrator

Protected user workstations - about 2000 Windows computers, mostly connected to the local network.

NII RES scientific research institute, January 2000 - January 2004, Senior developer

Lead developer on a team of two conducting Windows application development.

Radiokarta is a radio system for GSM network analysis and radio coverage prediction for the local GSM service provider Utel.

Researched and developed a radio wave propagation model using information from a digital map.

Developed and implemented using MS Visual C++: Applied unit testing and dramatically reduced programming errors and debug time, which was extremely important for release builds. Upon completion and implementation of basic requirements, an operational application was delivered to the client. Continued work with the client adding functionality based on the initial specification and emergent requests.

Radiotochka is a real-time radio system designed to track movement of fire fighters during training.

Adapted and implemented a position location algorithm using distance measurements from ultrasound sensors.

Developed and implemented using MS Visual C++:

Mechel, August 2000 - May 2004, Senior developer (part-time)

Mechel, August 1996 - August 2000, Programmer (part-time)

Coded automation programs for an accounting department using FoxPro with MS SQL, Clipper and DBF database files. Solved problems inherent to development in network/multi-user environment.


Postgraduate study at South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk) in "Data processing and control systems" (1997 - 2000)

South Ural State University, Radiotechnology engineer (1992 - 1997)