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Quick Start


Visual Time Spent installer requires admin rights and installs for all users. The monitoring module is installed for each Visual Studio version present on the computer - you can verify its integration opening the About Microsoft Visual Studio dialog. A shortcut to the Visual Time Spent reporting tool is added to the Start Menu - All Programs list.

Monitoring and reporting

All your activity such as editing and browsing in Visual Studio automatically recorded to a database. The reporting tool lets you specify report period and displays summary of your activity grouped by solution/project/window and sorted by time spent. For each solution and project the time spent percentage out of total time is displayed in the % column.

You can export the report to a CSV file for analysis in Excel or another application using the Export to CSV toolbar button.

Hovering the mouse over a solution name shows a tooltip with the solution path.

Idle time (when you don't use Visual Studio for more than 2 minutes) is automatically excluded from the report.


The database with all recorder activity is stored in the file %LocalAppData%\Sergey Vlasov\Visual Time Spent\1.0\events.sdf. It is a Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 database.