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Language menu Language menu allows to switch between different regular expressions syntaxes. This choice is preserved for subsequent program runs. Regular expression is automatically reevaluated after a switch.

Specials, Characters, and Strings menus contain different items for each language. When one of these menu items is selected it replaces current selection in Regular expression field.

Paste buttons are enabled when Windows Clipboard contains text and disabled otherwise. Make regular expression button is default one - you can press Enter anytime to activate it. Copy buttons copy entire text content of appropriate field to Windows Clipboard.

VS copy button is available when Find and Replace dialog is opened in Visual Studio. Clicking this button copies regular expression and format string directly into Find and Replace dialog. Please note that VS button doesn't work for minimized Visual Studio. Hot key for VS button is Alt + V.

Aplly button is enabled when some text is selected in Regular expression field and one of the Regex suggestions is selected. Hot key for Aplly button is Alt + A. Double click on Regex suggestion list item applies it as well.

Main window is resizable to accommodate work with large strings.