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Professional Edition

Visual Commander Professional is a commercial edition of Visual Commander. The Professional Edition supports up to 99 commands and 50 extensions (the free edition supports only 10 commands and 5 extensions). Additionally the Professional Edition adds syntax highlighting for C# code editing, allows creation of common code modules, enables commands reordering and navigation to relevant code from compiler errors.

C# syntax highlighting

The Professional Edition integrates the Visual Studio text editor and adds syntax highlighting for C# code editing:

C# command editing in Visual Studio 2013

VB code is also displayed in the Visual Studio text editor, but without syntax highlighting:

VB command editing in Visual Studio 2013

Common code

With the Professional Edition you can create common code modules and reuse them from commands and extensions:

Common code editing in Visual Studio 2013

Calling common code in Visual Studio 2013

Commands and extensions reordering

The Professional Edition allows you to reorder commands, extensions and common code modules with the mouse in the corresponding window and sort them by name with a single click on the Sort button:

Commands reordering in Visual Studio 2013

Commands in the VCmd menu are then displayed in your custom order:

Sorted commands in VCmd menu

Navigation to code from compiler errors

With the Professional Edition you can double-click on a compiler error in the Compilation status box and navigate directly to the relevant code (line and column of the error):

Navigation to relevant code from a compiler error

Personal License

The personal license allows you to use Visual Commander Professional on any number of computers or electronic devices, but you may not permit other individuals to use your license. Purchase of the personal license includes 1 year of software updates and technical support.

Buy Personal License Now, $39

(alternatively buy via FastSpring or PayPal to SergeyVlasov@vlasovstudio.com)

You will receive your registration code immediately on BlueSnap purchase page and via e-mail after your order completes. We offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with Visual Commander Professional, you can return it for a full refund.